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Carrying a concealed handgun is a privilege in Ohio, and with this privilege comes a responsibility to be aware, not only of the common sense rules of safe firearm handling, but the laws that affect how, when and where you can carry your firearm, and how to properly use the handgun to defend yourself or another person.

The law requres you to complete a course like ours, then you must apply for your permit at the Sherrif's office in your county or an adjacent county. When you successfully complete the course we will furnish you with the certificate and paperwork you need and explain the procedures. We will also give you contact information and requirements for the Sherrif's offices in nearby counties.

To apply for your permit, you must meet the criteria below and pass a criminal background check.


You must be a legal resident of the United States and an Ohio resident for 45 days before you apply for your license. You must be a resident of the county (or adjoining county) where you apply for at least 30 days. You must also be at least 21 years of age and not a fugitive from justice.

Criminal Record

Prior to obtaining your license, you must provide the sheriff with complete information about your background. There are many criminal offenses that bar you from obtaining your license. There are many laws and conditions that prohibit you from owning a handgun. If you have questions, consult an attorney.

The law states that you must not be under indictment, charged or convicted of a felony that involves the trafficking in drugs or similarly charged with a misdemeanor offense of violence or negligent assault. You may not obtain your license if you have been charged or indicted with falsification of a concealed handgun license.

In addition, you must not have been convicted, pleaded guilty, or been adjudicated as delinquent in connection with a crime that involves the of a drug of abuse. You cannot have been convicted, pleaded guilty or been adjudicated delinquent for assaulting a peace officer. You must not, within three years of your application, have been convicted, pleaded guilty or been adjudicated delinquent in connection with offense of violence. You must not have committed a misdemeanor offense of violence against a peace officer.

You must not have been convicted, pleaded guilty or been delinquent in connection with two or more assaults or within five years of your application. You must not have pleaded guilty or adjudicated as delinquent in connection arrest within 10 years of your application. If you are charged offense during the application process, the sheriff can suspend application until your case is resolved.

The law requires sheriffs to deny licenses to persons who have had convictions sealed or expunged if the original conviction would constitute a deniable offense. If you have questions as to whether a criminal conviction will disqualify you, consult an attorney.

Mental Competency

The law states that you must not have been adjudicated as a mental defective, been committed to any mental institution, be under a current adjudication of incompetence, have been found by a court to be mentally ill subject to hospitalization by court order, and not be an involuntary patient other than one who is a patient only for purposes of observation.

Protection Orders

You must not be subject to a civil protection order or temporary protection order of an Ohio court or a similar protection order issued by another state. For additional information on civil and temporary protection orders, contact a private attorney.

As long as you meet the criteria listed in the law, the sheriff must issue you a concealed handgun license within 45 days of your properly completed application. The license lasts for five years if obtained or renewed on or after March 14, 2007.

Please note:

Ohio's Concealed Carry laws changed in 2007, so some information you may have seen in the past may be out of date. You can find the latest information here:


Ohio Attorney General's 2008 booklet


More information can be found on the Attorney General's website:



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